Yandere-chan, also known as Ayano Aishi, is the main character of the game-in-development Yandere Simulator. As of the game's current build, she is a girl born under a mom who was also a yandere, and didn't have much feeling in her until she met her Senpai, where she experienced feelings of love, and her first love rival, where she experienced feelings of rage. Yan-chan loves her Senpai very much, and she will hurt, sabotage, manipulate, and kill anyone who comes between her and him.

Appearances Edit

Raising the Strength Stat Edit

Yan-chan is shown having trouble carrying a body to the incinerator that it takes her nine hours to do so, and she doesn't even reach it before she collapses to the ground, exhausted. Angered by seeing her Senpai with one of her love rivals, Osana Najimi, Yan-chan decides to, as the video title implies, raise her strength stat. During her montage of working out, Yan-chan is shown gaining some notable muscle mass. In the end, Yan-chan grabs Osana by the twintails and throws her into the sky. However, Senpai notices her doing that and she gets Heartbroken.

Raising the Strength Stat02:36

Raising the Strength Stat

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