Vambre Warrior is a warrior, the older twin sister of Prohyas, and a main protagonist of Mighty Magiswords.

She hates pants and that's why she doesn't wear them and instead wears a blue leotard. She has a British accent. It is revealed in one Mighty Magisword Vlog entry that her very first Magisword is the Tomato Magisword, which was given to her by her mother, Kablammica Warrior, when she was still young.

Appearance Edit

Vambre is a young woman who appears to either be in her late teens or early twenties. She has long violet hair and red-pink eyes, with wide hips and notably thick thighs. She wears a green leotard, with matching gloves and boots, and a flowing yellow cape. Along with this, she usually sports yellow circular earings and a gold headband, with a black belt tied by a yellow buckle, where she keeps her Magiswords.

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Play That Song Again Edit

Shorts - Episode 28

The Mystery of Loch Mess (Season 1, Episode 1) Edit

Vambre was arm wrestling with Prohyas whe they both using Musculary Arm Magisword.

Surely You Jest-O (Season 1, Episode 5) Edit

Mushroom Menace (Season 1, Episode 6) Edit

Vambre used the Musculary Arm Magisword, her arms is grows muscly and give super strengths to battle the evil Smashroom, The sword was featured in the first episode the first debut of this weapon for very first time.The reward from Princess Zange in the opening title.

Working for Scales (Season 1, Episode 9) Edit

Share and Share Dislikes (Season 1, Episode 21) Edit

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Hideous Hound (Season 1, Episode 30) Edit

Getting Ahead (Season 1, Episode 31) Edit

Sibling Sorcery (Season 1, Episode 35) Edit

Get That BORLF (Season 1, Episode 42) Edit

Quest for Knowlegde (Season 1, Episodes 50-51) Edit

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Bad Heir Day (Season 1, Episode 52)Edit


In the show's variation of the Cartoon Network Studios logo, Prohyas shoots a beam from the Musculary Arm Magisword, which hits Vambre, making her left arm muscular.