Titania was originally a girl named Mary MacPherran who was born prematurely and grew up in strained financial circumstances. Teased and taunted by other children due to her small size, the future Titania grew up shy and insecure, to the point that she claimed to be the new Spider-Woman to attract attention from other people when she was in high school. She was at a dance when the area of the city she was in was taken to the Battleworld by the Beyonder. The strain of the capture caused the school building to be damaged, but Spider-Woman rescued most of the people in attendance at the dance. She and her friend Marsha Rosenberg - a tall girl who was also taunted by her peers - .were then found by Doctor Doom and agreed to serve him in exchange for power. At her own, request, Mary - who the other children nicknamed "Skeeter" - went through a process that put several hundred pounds of muscle on her body and made her a full foot taller. Dubbed Titania and Volcana by Doom, the two girls were then incorporated into Doom's group of villains.  At Doom's headquarters, the now confident Titania challenged to Absorbing Man to a fight, but he refused.  Later, the villains attacked the heroes and brought the building down around their heads, and Titania proved her worth by flinging a huge girder at the heroes using her now massive strength.  She then went on to attack the X-Men only to be easulybeaten by the much stronger Thor'; her superhuman endurance saved her live, and when She-Hulk attacked the villain's base in a fit of rage, Titania beat her to a pulp and was holding her down when the other villains arrived.  Later, she took on Spider-Man and was defeated by him, making her afraid to face him for years to come.  Returned to Earth, she led a career of crime and was even transformed by a mystic hammer into Skirn, the Breaker of Men during the Fear Itself situation.  Now married to the Absorbing Man, she most recently joined the Hood's version of the Illuminati but was forced to rip off his hood and destroy it after he revealed he was behind a recent robbery at the pawn shop where she had been working, and during which she had been forced to break her parole.

Powers Edit

Titania is massively strong, stronger than the She-Hulk initially, and her body is so dense that small weappns fire can't penetrate it at all. In addition, she is immune to most terrestrial diseases. When she was first endowed with her powers, she could lift 85 tons, but now has increased her strength somewhat further with training. The Hood's magic increased her strength enough for her to battle a group of Asguardians with the powers of Thor temporarily, but when she tore off his cloak, this effect wore off and her strength returned to its normal level.

Sources Edit

Secret Wars l Trade Paperback (compiles 1983 original series)

Official Handbook of the Marvel Univers (Volume 2) Issue 13

Gallery Edit

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