Vital statistics
Aliases Syl, Sylvie, Boxia, Time Bomb, Rebecca, Becks, B, Linguini Von Breadstick (a.k.a Lin for short), Smash & Sass
Age Unknown
Species Zbornak
Hair Color Pink
Eyes Black
Occupation Space traveler
Wander's steed
Noble steed to Sir Brad Starlight (formerly)
Member of the Insurgent Generals (temporarily)
Series Wonder Over Yonder
Episodes The Cartoon

Sylvia is a character from Wander Over Yonder. She is Wander's steed and best friend, who often protects him and the galaxy from various threats. 

Sylvia is very strong and enjoys having a good fight when the opportunity arises. Her super strength seems to be a common trait amongst her species, the Zbornaks.

Appearances Edit

The Cartoon (S02E23) Edit

In Lord Hater's titular cartoon, Wander and Sylvia appear as a pathetic pair of dumb-looking wandering country bumpkins, with Sylvia in particular looking like a rotoscoped horse whenever she speaks. However, things change as Wander takes out his banjo and uses it to power-up both him and Sylvia to beat Lord Hater and his Watchdogs.

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