Suzi is a main antagonist and McGee's older sister of the Canadian animated series, Camp Lakebottom.

Personality Edit

Suzi is McGee's older sister, who is a pageant queen, and became queen of "Sunny Smiles" on her first day. She is Gretchen's nemesis, who has held a grudge against her ever since she beat to Gretchen in a beauty pageant contest. She has a crush on Buttsquat, and often accompanies him in his schemes to thwart Lakebottom. She always refers to McGee as "Baby Bruv", and while the two siblings sometimes bicker, they are usually shown to care for each other. Despite having less evil intent than Buttsquat, there are several occasions where she has posed as a far huger threat and danger to everyone's safety, as she has a tendency to get entangled by one of the supernatural monsters or phenomena that have appeared. Examples of this include: "Stage Fright" where she uses stage bad luck and inadvertently summons an evil spirit which possesses her and nearly destroys Lake Bottom. Another example is "28 Suzis Later" where she is cloned by a mystical mud, causing the camp to be overrun by Suzi clones.

Appearance Edit

Suzi is a 13 year old short girl. She has long blonde hair with a pink headband. She wears a pink t-shirt with a dark pink belt and a magenta skirt. She also wears knee high white socks with dark pink shoes. Sometimes, Suzi is seen wearing one of her precious tiaras.

Stage Fright (S01E09) Edit

Suzi wants to be the play but is Bottom Dwellers only. In the stage, she tells MeGee to have her audition in the play. Because he don't, she's really will crush him while she grows muscular arms.

When Suzis Attack (S02E31) Edit

She bitten by a hundred Jealously Bugs and grows into giant, bulky King-Kong-like monsters and reference of the Hulk's hulkout and her more jealously.