Susan Strong

Susan Strong is a minor character in Adventure Time. She is one of the few humans living in the Land of Ooo, and is one of the members of the Hyooman tribe.

Appearances Edit

Susan Strong Edit

In her titular debut, Susan meets Finn and Jake when they stumble into her underground hideaway along with the Hyoomans. Excited to find more people like him, Susan was taught by Finn about the world above and even learns basic English in a short time. However, it all went downhill when Finn takes her to the Candy Kingdom. Realizing that everything was edible and delicious, including the citizens, Susan lead the Hyooman tribe forward in order to eat the kingdom. However, they were easily thwarted when the Marshmallow Kids set them on fire, and so Susan and the Hyoomans retreated.

Beautopia Edit

The Hyooman tribe's home in Beautopia gets invaded by creatures called Lub Glubs, leading Susan to go after Finn and Jake to ask for their help to stop them, and asks them to bring fire. Once they get back to Beautopia, Susan, Finn, and Jake fought the Lub Glubs. By putting the fire into the City Heart, the Lub Glubs die and leave behind their pool toy shells, and the Hyooman tribe live in peace once more.

Dark Purple Edit

By the time of this episode, Susan gained two new Hyooman associates named Sally and Celina who join her in her adventures. In this episode, one of the babies from the Hyooman tribe get kidnapped by the drones that supply Super Porp across the Land of Ooo, and Susan and the gang infiltrate the Super Porp soda factory to rescue the baby. As it turns out, the boss of the factory, Cheryl, took the baby because the baby was the "Destiny Child" who can replace her as the new owner of the factory according to the drones' database. Susan has none of that and melts her as she disguises herself as Cheryl to order the workers to destroy the factory.



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