Because sometimes what really need is for someone else to pay a horrible price.

Summer Smith is Morty's older sister from Rick and Morty. She's his 18-year-old older sister, a more conventional and often superficial teenager, is obsessed with anything that can improve her status with her peers. Summer is very similar to her mother, as she is often shown to be very smart and humorous, but is much more selfless. She occasionally expresses jealousy that Morty gets to accompany Rick on his inter-dimensional adventures. In the second season, she accompanies Rick and Morty on adventures more frequently and sometimes will even prove herself to be more competent than Morty.

Appearance Edit

Summer is a teenage-girl of average height and a thin build. She has a light skin-tone and ginger hair. Her facial features take after Jerry's, having an oval head and pointed nose. Her most common outfit has been a magenta tank-top, white capri-pants, and black slip-ons. She usually has her hair pulled back in a high ponytail.

Something Ricked This Way Comes (S01E09)Edit

After Summer gets betrayed by the Devil, Mr. Needful, she and Rick build muscle mass to get revenge.

The Rickshank Redemption (S3E01) Edit

Using the dead Rick's portal gun to go and rescue him, Morty takes Summer to the C-137 dimension to show her how bad Rick can be at times. There, they meet Morty's original family, now beefed and hardened thanks to the time spent surviving the Cronenberg disaster Rick and Morty made. They force Morty to stay and plan to kill Summer, but the Rick forces come in to stop them by way of freezing them.