Cheerios "Sue"

She's first appears from the 1960s featuring with her partner Cheerios "Kid". The basic premise of each commercial is that they are doing something together, trouble appears, Sue needs help, the kid eats Cheerios which acts like spinach giving the kid Cheerios powered muscles, he saves Sue, and life goes on. Until noticed that the commercials ran into the 1980s. Somebody decided it was Sue's turn to join in the fun so, here's the Cheerios Kid and Sue BOTH eating Cheerios and both getting buffed up!

1986 Cheerios commercial (Tornado)Edit

Kid and Sue in a barn. One of them shows off their Cheerios strength by taking a twister and tossing it away.

1987 Cheerios commercial (On the Moon) Edit

1988 Cheerios commercial (Abominable Snowman)Edit

Cheerios Kid & Sue battle an Abominable Snowman (aka a Yeti)

198* Cheerios commercial (Dinosaur) Edit

19** Cheerios commercial (Shark) Edit

1988 Cheerios commercial (Monsters) Edit

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