Template:Character(s) InfoSeiko Kimura is a character from the Dangan Ronpa series. Originally a student of Hope's Peak Academy, she was formerly known as the Ultimate Pharmacist. Now the leader of the Future Foundation's 4th branch, Seiko is a sharp-tongued and bitter young woman who's usually wearing a surgical mask. She hates her former classmate, Ruruka, who both accuse each other of betraying the other.

Appearances Edit

Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Edit

Side: Future - Episode 3: Cruel Violence and Hollow Words Edit

Seiko can be seen accusing Ruruka and Sonosuke, mostly Ruruka, as being the traitor of the Future Foundation, only to be accused back by Ruruka. Seiko removes her surgical mask to consume a lot of green pills, making her muscles and hair grow as she becomes more tougher and feral.