Sashi Kobayashi is one of the main characters of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero.

She is Penn's friend, and a part-time sidekick. Sashi is the only girl on Penn's team, but despite that, she is fairly tomboyish and aggressive, with a violent attitude. The forms Sashi takes often provoke teasing from her teammates, but it doesn't stop her from proving how tough she is. Sashi is often a voice of reason and understanding despite her demeanor. Sashi wears glasses that the gang refer to as "the Specs," which can project holographic displays that inform the trio about their missions. Sashi's parents are unaware of her job as part-time sidekick to help save worlds. Instead, they think that she works at the local "Fish Stick on a Stick" restaurant-ironically, this is actually the headquarters of the part-time villains.

Notable Appearances Edit

Sashi is short with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair with violet and yellow highlights at the tips held back by two ponytails. She wears her specs with light blue rims, maroon gloves, and a long-sleeved sky blue shirt with purple and blue lines at the wrist ends underneath a red-violet vest with a yellow circle on the left side of her chest. She wears a red-violet miniskirt, different styled socks (her left sock a solid purple and her right sock with different shades of mauve stripes), and white boots with a purple line down the front and yellow circle on the sides. Around her left knee, there is a red-violet strap with a white circular object over her knee cap.

Season 1 Edit

Boone's Apprentice (Season 1, Episode 17) Edit

The form of Sashi is a muscular mongoose when the team visits and battle the forces of evil on the barbarian animals dimension.

Save the Worlds (Season 1, Episode 21) Edit

For a brief moment, Sashi's muscular ferret form makes a reappearance, among the other forms she has had throughout the season.

Season 2 Edit

Wings of Destiny (Season 2, Episode 3a) Edit

In fairy world, Sashi appears as a tall, muscular fairy wrestler.

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