Sandra Guts is a villain from the OVA series Dirty Pair 2. She was the highest ranking student to ever attend the WWWA training center. However, when she was turned down in favor of the Dirty Pair, she turned to a life of crime, becoming the head of a drug syndicate pushing up a super-steroid called Hustle.


Revenge of the Muscle Lady! Edit

This episode was Sandra's only appearance. Upon hearing that Mad Bull, one of the wrestlers hyped up on Hustle, was defeated by Kei, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Sandra was planning to move her Hustle factory to another location, but Kei and Yuri managed to demolish the rocket containing it. In rage, Sandra lunges towards the two of them, but misses them and crashed into a window, falling to her doom.

Dirtypair ova00:36

Dirtypair ova

DIRTY PAIR OVA Sandra Guts02:26


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