Roberta Mendez was the wife of Alchemax Operative One-Nine-Four-Zero, who forcefully subjected her to the Super-Soldier Serum.

Under the code name Captain America, Roberta became the leader of Alchemax's Avengers; however, Roberta and Captain America were two different personas of the same woman, with Roberta unknowing of her counterpart.


Roberta/Captain America 2099 appears in 25 issues.

Secret Wars 2099 #1Edit

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Marvel Future FightEdit

Roberta is a playable character in the game as a "Secret War" alternate costume for Captain America.

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Marvel Avengers AcademyEdit

Captain America is playable character, debuting in the "Multiverse Special Event". Her recruiting task quest is "Get Captain America 2099!" She is voiced by Jaime Soria.

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