Possum Pearl is the main antagonist in the Famous Studios Hill-billing and Cooing (1956) cartoon. She is over six and a half feet tall, with shoulders over 3 feet wide, and a 50" chest. Her arms are heftier than Popeye's. She might be considered the female equal to Bluto. In a gender-role reversal of the Popeye-Olive-Bluto rivalry, she and Olive Oyl end up fighting over Popeye, with Olive losing until she eats Popeye's spinach, grabs Possum Pearl by the hair and swings her into outer space.

Bio Edit

Possum Pearl, a young, robust hillbilly lady, lives alone in her woodlands cabin where she would entertain herself by singing songs about her wishes to be married to a good man. She later proceeds to go out "hunting" for potential husbands. The mountain mailman eludes her and warns the local men about the marriage-obsessed stalker so Pearl, defeated, returns to her cabin just as a criminal breaks in, escaping from the police. She is perfectly willing to oblige to the crook's demands and play house with him, offering him heart-shaped waffles. He panics and tries to make his escape, but is thwarthed at every turn by a singing would-be bride. Even after fleeing the shed and going through a bear cave, a haystack and a river, he cannot shake his persistent persecutor. The robber is chased all the way to the state police's station, where he locks himself up. Pearl's attention then shifts towards a handsome police officer, whose getaway motorcycle she easily captures.