Polo the stork is one of the main character in the series, Toonimals! She is the director of the series.

Appearance Edit

She is a white stork who wears a pink cap.

Personality Edit

Polo usually keeps everything safe so nothing can cause havoc in the Toonimals Studio. She is usually in charge of directing several scenes featuring many animals. However, she usually gets interrupted by some of the other characters such as Ollie the Owl, Hee-Hee the Hyena, and Brawny the Gorilla. It could be likely that Polo is trying to direct the animal scenes perfectly.

The Dog (Season 1, Episode 23) Edit

In the episode, "The Dog", Stork saw an energy drink while she says 'that can give you super strength' and drank it grows muscle size and later on,she became her normal size.