Oga is a character from Elf-san wa Yaserarenai. She is an ogre in which, like other characters in the series, her tastes in humane consumption, more specifically alcohol, has caused her stomach to soften. As a result, she goes to a sauna often to wash away the beer belly.

Appearances Edit

Appointment 5: Ogre Heat Wave Edit

When Erufuda and Kuroeda go to a bathhouse with a sauna, they're surprised to see that its setting is cranked up to 120º Celsius. As it turns out, Oga was using the sauna, and being an ogre, she's used to the high temperatures. The two elves try to use the sauna regardless of the insane heat, and here, they learn that Oga has somewhat of a beer belly similar to Erufuda's french fry tummy. The two of them decide to do an endurance contest and the one who loses has to buy the winner the restaurant item of choice. Erufuda loses almost instantly and Oga gets to drink some beer.

Appointment 6: Baroness Dog Edit

Oga was invited to join Erufuda on a morning jog, but she was hungover and ended up puking midway.

Appointment 7: Floating Pig Edit

At the local pool, Mero and Kusahanada were suffering in it, from the chlorine and the flower on her head growing huge from her legs absorbing the water, respectively. Oga then stepped in to get them out of there, grabbing them by the one-piece swimsuits. Later, she can be seen relaxing with the two of them with some popsicles.

Appointment 8: Park Empress Edit

Oga can be seen with Naoe, Erufuda, and Kuroeda doing post-walk cooldowns at the park. Here, it's shown that Oga has a soft spot for children, and a maternal instinct, as characteristic of ogres. As a result, she becomes very lenient when a hobbit named Hobi is seen taking other kids' candy as entry fee for entering the park. When she learns that, as a hobbit, Hobi is really just a short adult, she falls into a shock.

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