Nicole Watterson is a main character in The Amazing World of Gumball .

She's a blue cat, is Gumball, Darwin and Anais' mother, who carries the main responsibility of her family's upkeep, and is 42 years old, performing house chores and working long hours at The Rainbow Factory. A workaholic, she is often over-stressed and possesses a short temper. She acts as a guide to her sons, Gumball and Darwin when they get in a tough spot with their misadventures. Competitive by nature, Nicole is a master martial artist, and is very agile and flexible. Despite her overstressed and short-tempered personality, she is still sweet and kindhearted and shows much affection for her family.

She's been shown regularly to have super strength and her rage can give her temporary powers like transforming or muscle growth.

The Finale (S2E40)Edit

Nicole lifts a door open by gaining massive muscles.

The EggEdit

This episode reveals that Nicole can turn into a muscular demon when angered.

The Money (S3E40)Edit

Nicole turns into a hulking monster (parodying The Hulk) again to scold Richard, but was stopped by his charm. She does it again when one of the repossession men come to take their car.