Muscle Princess
Of course it looks bad! If I had beautiful shiny hair, no one would look at my muscles! Come back when you want to get serious about loving me!

Template:Character(s) Info Muscle Princess a.k.a. Princess Muscles is a minor character from Adventure Time series.

Appearance Edit

She is a very muscular princess. She is very large and tall, green skinned, and wears dark-blue boots decorated with some type of symbol. She has a small yellow crown on her head. She usually carries a dumbbell and works out her arms. Her hair is short with two heart-shaped buns on each side of her head; she claims she doesn't make her hair beautiful so people will notice her muscles instead.

Episode appearances Edit

What is Life? (debut)Edit

Season 1, Episode 15
Air-date: June 14, 2010

Loyalty to the KingEdit

Season 2, Episode 3
Air-date: October 25, 2010

To Cut a Woman's HairEdit

Season 2, Episode 10
Air-date: January 10, 2011

Finn comes across Muscle Princess, in her castle. She tears the door off and he immediately begs her for her hair. She tries to hug him, believing he likes her, and he pulls back, surprised. He changes his statement, yelling that "I'm here to save you from your hair! It looks really bad, cut it off quick!" She explains that of course it is ugly. If it were not, no one would look at her muscles. She punches him roughly and says, "Come back when you wanna get serious about loving me!!" The scene changes to Finn's beat up face and he says, "Jake was right. I AM horrible at talking to ladies."

Princess Monster WifeEdit

'Season 2, Episode 10
Airdate: January 10, 2011

Princess Potluck'Edit



Princess DayEdit