Mrs. Turner is Timmy Turner's mother from The Fairly OddParents.

Mighty Mom & Dyno Dad (S2,E15)Edit

Mrs. Turner (née Vladislapov), referred to as Mom, is the mother of Timmy and the wife of Mr. Turner. She is addressed by everyone as timmy Mom Timmy wished that his parents would have super powers which results into turning into muscular superheroes known as Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad. Season 2, Episode 15. Titlecard-Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad. Prod. ...Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad is the fifteenth episode of Season 2. ... After he leaves for school, they decide to use their powers to fight crime and take on the identities of Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad. With his parents working as.

The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom & Dyno Dad (S3,E15)Edit

After the Nega Chin escapes the comic book to destroy Dimmsdale, Timmy wished his parents would be Mighty Mom & Dyno Dad again. This time, there is a muscle growth scene with Timmy's parents. However later, the Nega Chin drains away their super powers which includes losing their muscle mass

☀Plot. When Timmy accidentally releases the Crimson Chin's arch-villain, the Nega-Chin into our world... all hell breaks loose! Worse, the Nega-Chin has released all of the Chin's villains too! With the Chin still in his book and Cosmo and Wanda unable to wish them back, Timmy has no choice! He needs help! Super help!...