Minako Takahara
Vital statistics
Aliases Taka-san
Age Adult
Species human
Hair Color Dark orange
Eyes Brown
Occupation Construction Worker
Part-time Worker
Series Women at Work (anime)
The Guts! (novel)
The Guts! 2 ~Umi de Guts!
The Guts! 3 ~Yama de Guts!
The Guts! 4 ~Shiritsu Guts Gakuen!
The Guts! -Maximum Maternity!
Episodes Women at Work

Minako Takahara (aka Taka-San). Japanese name 高原 美奈子.

Is a female character from the Hentai OVA and game The Gattsu!. (THE ガッツ!). Also known as "Women at Work".

Description Edit

Minako has a tan and muscled body, red hair, thick black eyebrows, big breasts, and is a very outgoing person.

She wears a olive green tank top. green gloves grey pants with black boots and a typical japanese yellow helmet for construction.

In the first OVA, she scares Namamura Akitoshi, the main character, because of her manly appearance, but in the end they become friends.

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