Mina Loveberry is a supporting character from the Disney show, Star vs the Forces of Evil. She is Star Butterfly's idol and has gone crazy.

Appearance Edit

Mina is an adult Mewman woman with peach skin, long purple hair tied into pigtails with large buns at each base, and green eyes. She wears a light green dress with a picture of a cat on the front, a purple bow tie with a yellow heart in the center, purple knee-high boots, yellow bunny earrings, long white gloves, and a silver spiked helmet. As a result of her stay on Earth, her dress is tattered (with a large tear in the midsection) and covered in dirt, she is missing her right boot, and her pupils are tinier with bags under her eyes due to going insane.

Starstruck (Season 2, Episode 9) Edit

When Star Butterfly refuses to help Mina become ruler of Earth, Mina gets angry and tries to intimidate the people around her, but comedically fails at doing so. She turns into a muscular version of herself, causing her shirt to stretch out and her arm gloves to tear, also giving her a cool looking cape.