Template:Character(s) InfoMichelle Obama is the former First Lady of the United States of America, and the wife of the 44th President Barack Obama.

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Stealing First Base (Season 21, Episode 15) Edit

Meanwhile, Lisa becomes more popular when she receives an F on a test, but becomes unpopular again when it is revealed that her test was mistakingly given to Ralph and really got an A+++, both tests were mixed up as the F grade was supposed to be given to Ralph who had written Lisa's name on his test. She blogs about being ostracized as an overachiever, and her post is noted by a mysterious blogger known as Flotus 1 who turns out to be First Lady Michelle Obama. Obama drops by Springfield Elementary to give a speech about the importance of academics and recommends that the students should be nice to Lisa and other overachievers, including Martin Prince and Allison Taylor.