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Meg is a main character of the black comedy series Mega Babies. She's the oldest as well as the only girl among the trio.

Appearance Edit

She has pink skin of the entire body and green hair worn in two pigtails, her eyes are teal color, she wears a pink baby dress and a diaper.



Attack of the Cownibles (S01E02)Edit

Molar Attack (S01E03)Edit

The Boy in Drastic Bubble (S01E04)Edit

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite (S01E06)Edit

Adoption D-Day (S01E07)Edit

Crustacean Frustration (S01E08)Edit

The Inbreed (S01E09)Edit

Nightmare of the Sleepwalker (S01E10)Edit

The Island of Dr. Thoreau (S01E11)Edit

Berried Alive (S01E12)Edit

Destructive Nature (S01E13)Edit

Dr. Franken-Buck (S02E01) Edit

Ice Ice Baby (S02E03) Edit

Nursery Slimes (S02E07) Edit

Journey to the Center of the Sewer (S02E08) Edit

Inspection Insurrection (S02E09) Edit

Alien Withdrawl (S02E10) Edit

A Mega Christmas (S02E13) Edit

Exterminator Bob (S03E02) Edit

Toxic Hobby (S03E04) Edit

Re-Usable Terror (S03E08) Edit

Balemtime's Day (S03E09) Edit

Meg hates Valentine's Day

Killer Dillers from Outer Space (S03E10) Edit

Grossery Shopping (S03E11) Edit

Little Beauty Shop of Horrors (S03E12) Edit

A Boy Named Su (S04E04)Edit

Meg has a huge crush on the little sumo wrestler, Su.

Poop Doggy Dog (S04E06)Edit

Summer of Sandman (S03E08) Edit

Snow Long Suckers (S04E09) Edit


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