Meg is a main character of the black comedy series Mega Babies. She's the oldest as well as the only girl among the trio.

Appearance Edit

Meg has pink-colored skin and green hair worn in two pigtails decorated with two pink bows, she has earrings, her eyes are teal color, she wears a pink baby dress and a diaper.



Attack of the Cownibles (S01E02)Edit

Molar Attack (S01E03)Edit

The Boy in Drastic Bubble (S01E04)Edit

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite (S01E06)Edit

Adoption D-Day (S01E07)Edit

Crustacean Frustration (S01E08)Edit

The Inbreed (S01E09)Edit

Nightmare of the Sleepwalker (S01E10)Edit

The Island of Dr. Thoreau (S01E11)Edit

Berried Alive (S01E12)Edit

Destructive Nature (S01E13)Edit

Dr. Franken-Buck (S02E01) Edit

Ice Ice Baby (S02E03) Edit

Nursery Slimes (S02E07) Edit

Journey to the Center of the Sewer (S02E08) Edit

Inspection Insurrection (S02E09) Edit

Alien Withdrawl (S02E10) Edit

A Mega Christmas (S02E13) Edit

Exterminator Bob (S03E02) Edit

Toxic Hobby (S03E04) Edit

Re-Usable Terror (S03E08) Edit

Balemtime's Day (S03E09) Edit

Meg hates Valentine's Day

Killer Dillers from Outer Space (S03E10) Edit

Grossery Shopping (S03E11) Edit

Little Beauty Shop of Horrors (S03E12) Edit

A Boy Named Su (S04E04)Edit

Meg has a huge crush on the little sumo wrestler, Su.

Poop Doggy Dog (S04E06)Edit

Summer of Sandman (S03E08) Edit

Snow Long Suckers (S04E09) Edit