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Marina is a mermaid and protagonist in Zig & Sharko, who has a house in the bottom of the sea but sits on a small rock during the day. She is a beautiful mermaid who often sits on a rock in the lagoon near Zig's island. Generally good-natured although quite naïve, Marina maintains a good relationship with most of the other characters, even Zig, as she seems to be oblivious to the fact he wants to eat her. Unlike many other mermaid characters Marina is able to function out of the ocean without difficulty, using her flippers as feet. In addition to her rock Marina has a house presumably nearby on the sea floor, which she shares with Sharko. Marina enjoys singing, which Sharko dislikes. Nevertheless, her singing is popular with the local marine life and often has a Siren effect on passing ships. In the episode "A Tale of Two Legs," it is strongly implied Marina was born on Zig's island to a mermaid mother, human father and a baby mermaid son.

The Tiny TyrantEdit

In this episode, we see the effects of the muscle growth serum on the male characters, but when Marina uses it on herself we only see a bit of her right arm change before it cuts away.

The end of "The Were-yena" has Marina Hulking Out just like Zig has been doing the whole episode, but all we see is a shadow