Template:Character(s) InfoMala was once second-in-command of the planet Krypton's planetary defense force.

Mala was created for Superman: The Animated Series. She has similarities to other female Kryptonians such as Ursa and Faora, but also shares a name with a male Kryptonian who appeared in the pages of Superman comics in the 1950's.

History Edit

Mala was a Kryptonian sentenced for crimes and trapped within the Phantom Zone. She persuaded Superman to release her, saying her 20 year sentence was complete. She was going to fight crime with Superman, but soon realized he was a protector and not a ruler, as she thought beings of their power should be. She released Jax-Ur from his imprisonment and turned on Superman.

Blasts from the Past, Part 1 (Season 2, Episode 1) Edit

There was an episode, where Superman frees a woman from the phantom zone named Mala. When she learns about the powers she will get while on earth she is intrigued. After a while she is at full power and her arms are a bit muscular and she does a quick flex.