Magica De Spell is a sorceress fictional character and a major villain of the Disney Scrooge McDuck comic universe, created by Carl Barks.

Magica is an Italian sorceress, enemy of Scrooge McDuck. She is a shape-shifter with some other abilities.

She constantly steals or attempts to steal Scrooge McDuck's Number One Dime, which she believes will play a vital role in magically obtaining the same fabulous wealth of its owner

DuckTales Edit

Raiders of the Lost Harp (Season 1, Episode 45) Edit

In this episode, Magica reveals her true self to Scrooge, only to turn into a Muscle Strongfat sumo wrestler to defeat Scrooge and demands for the key to his desk. Scrooge locks the key in the vault, but Magica starts to beat him up. Magica then takes the entire desk out of Scrooge’s office, throws it on top of her car, and is driven away. She plans to break it open and retrieve the harp at a safer place.