Lola Mbloa is a 10-year-old from the series Robotboy. She is one of the three people who regularly accompany Robotboy on missions. A bit of a tomboy, she still regularly shows such traits as swooning after boys or helping others get in touch with their emotions.

Appearance Edit

Lola's attire has almost been the same throughout the series: her hair is in an odango-style with light blue tube ties holding them in place and bangs facing forward with hair strands on each side, a light blue halter dress with a white belt around her waist and matching knee-high go-go boots.

Season 4Edit

Gus's Mix (S04,E06b)Edit

Gus starts selling a drink with one of the incredients being a special oil for Robotboy that makes him more poweful all round. In the end Lola drinks the oil straight in order to save Gus from wrestlers who want the secret of the oil for themselves. Things then seem to return to normal but Lola once again hulks out when she learns that Gus hasn't changed his opinion at all.