Linda is a disguise used by Dr. Weird to trick Carl into dating him. Carl meets her while she's waiting in line for the roller coaster. However when she and Carl are about to have sex, she rips off her skin, revealing that she is actually Dr. Weird, who only tricked Carl in order to take his giant muscles which he gained from being trapped on the Insane-o-flex. First appeared in the movie.

Appearance Edit

She is ridiculously muscular and wears only a pink bikini and heels. She perpetually does bodybuilder flexing poses while grunting.

Gallery Edit

Carl becomes incredibly muscular after being force to exercise on the Insane-o-flex. He meets a girl named Linda, who is a very muscular female (though, she's nowhere near as muscular as Carl). She literally drags him to her place to have dinner (Carl is too heavy to move), but Carl becomes disgusted at the idea of eating a "...monkey gland energy shake." She then takes him into her bedroom, but it turns out Linda is actually Dr. Weird in disguise, and the entire premise of Linda and Carl dating was a trap.

However in a fake ending for the movie, Meatwad ends up dating her.

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