Laura Matsuda (ララ・マツダ/松田 Rara Matsuda?) is a video game character and a new character from the Street Fighter series, her first debut appearing in Street Fighter V. She is a free-spirited, hyper-active Brazilian person. Laura is a new character debuting in Street Fighter V. She is a Brazilian fighter who uses Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (dubbed Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu) and electricity in her attacks. She is a fast grappler who has a projectile. She is the older sister to Street Fighter III veteran Sean Matsuda.

Appearance Edit

Laura has long black hair, the right side being worn loose and the left side starting as cornrow braids before blending with the rest at the back. She has light brown eyes.

She wears a bright green sleeveless martial arts gi with yellow linings and a tie at the centre, matching bright green martial arts pants with yellow linings with a black belt to her waist, it has black and yellow linings and at the center resembles a bright green thong and black shin guards underneath her pants over bare feet. She also wears several bracelets in different colors similar to Elena's. The color scheme of her outfit matches the Brazilian flag.

Street Fighter V Edit