Kuroeda is a character from the manga Elf-san wa Yaserarenai. She is a dark elf who works at a convenient store with her one golem managing inventory. Naturally, as a dark elf, she doesn't get along with regular elves like Erufuda.

Appearances Edit

Appointment 2: Dark Elf Edit

Having trouble with her magic as her butt has become too big for her power-boosting clothing, Kuroeda seeks Naoe Tomoatsu's advice when he comes to her convenient store one night. Giving her a massage on her calves, it did wonders as her legs feel lighter. As Naoe gives his advice on how to slim down her butt, Kuroeda asks if she will become an ogre by doing this, to which he's not sure of. She asks this as she temporary bulks up.

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