Korra (12)

Korra is the main character from The Legend of Korra. She is a teenage girl from the Southern Water Tribe with a brash, pugnacious personality, but over the course of the series, her flaws get broken down, enabling her to grow as one of the most world-changing Avatars in history. She is very muscular.

Book 1: Air - "Welcome to Republic City" (EP01) Edit

Book 1: Air - "The Voice in the Night" (EP04) Edit

Book 2: Spirits - "Peacekeepers" (EP05) Edit

Book 3: Change - "A Breath of Fresh Air" (EP01) Edit

Book 3: Change - "The Terror Within" (EP08) Edit

Korra training Metalbending Full Scene HD-000:27

Korra training Metalbending Full Scene HD-0

Book 3: Change - Venom of the Red Lotus" (EP13) Edit

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