I'm glad it's only a few... Great upper body workout, though!

―Kitty response, and buffed up and posing.

Katherine "Kitty" Ko is a main character of the series, Sidekick. She is an energetic heroine who, despite being a bit strange, gives the rest of the group advice, and is somewhat a good hacker and fixer. She has a huge crush on Eric Needles and has a bit of a stalker-like obsession towards him.

Appearance Edit

Kitty is 11 year old Chinese girl who has blue eyes, wears a short sleeved white shirt, along with a green and yellow striped tie, a red and green plaid skirt and two red hairclips in her hair. In addition, she also wears a pair of knee high socks and a pair of dark black shoes. She had two left feet.

Like Supervillain, Like Son (Season 1, Episode 3)Edit

Kitty did a quick fast muscle growth in this scene and flexes her biceps like she doing a front double biceps pose. unlikely, She haven't leg muscles.

Shopping Spree (S1E26)Edit

Kitty push Vana's items makes her feel uncomfortable, She pump up her upper body again and she's proud.

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