Template:Character(s) InfoJudy Funnie is a minor character and Doug Funnie's older sister in Nickelodeon's and Disney's Doug.

Bio Edit

Judy is Doug's older sister and the extrovert of the family, she is obsessed with the works of William Shakespeare, and is an aspiring actress and artist who attends a special art school for gifted individuals. She is embarrassed by how "boring" her family is compared to her friends and classmates. She and Doug have normal bouts of sibling rivalry, but usually put it aside whenever faced with a problem and deeply respect each other. She is a stereotypical beatnik that is always seen wearing a beret and dark glasses. Judy was inspired in name from Jinkins' first girlfriend, and in appearance from his wife's sisters.[1] In recording her character, Lish would provide lines as written, and then provide several more takes incorporating improvisation into her lines.

Appearance Edit

She's often seen wearing only purple and black, and rarely takes off her beret or her sunglasses.

Doug's Great Beet War (Season 3, Episode 13) Edit

Doug's imagination: The muscular Doug comes across a door and rips it open. He finds the Beet Pride float and encounters an equally muscular Judy, who captures him and brings him to Cue, who appears as a female and orders Judy to send him inside the beet float with boiling liquid inside, where Al and Moo, tied with rope, are about to get dropped in.