Jasper is a Homeworld Gem from Steven Universe and serves as an antagonist. An impeccable and prideful warrior, she frequently challenges Steven and the other Gems.

The Return (S1,E51)Edit

Jasper arrives on Earth alongside Peridot and Lapis Lazuli to examine the planet. Their arrival follows Peridot's discovery of Steven and the Crystal Gems in the Gem Kindergarten. After a short tussle, Steven and the Gems are captured and brought aboard the Hand ship. 

Jailbreak (S1,E52)Edit

Steven and the Gems break free from their holding cells and take the fight directly to Jasper and Peridot. Garnet personally squares off against Jasper in an action packed musical number featuring the song, "Stronger Than You". Ultimately losing the fight, captives, and control of the ship, Jasper ironically becomes a prisoner at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Chille Tid (S2,E10)Edit

While dreaming, Steven finds a way to communicate with Lapis in the Malachite realm, leading to a short scene with an imprisoned Jasper. 

Super Watermelon Island (S3, E1)

It is revealed that the Watermelon Steven's have taken up residence on Mask Island, and that they pay sacrificial tributes to Malachite. The Crystal Gems form Alexandrite and defeat Malachite after a hard fought battle, breaking the fusion and causing Jasper to unconsciously slide into the ocean below.

Alone at Sea (S3, E15)

Steven attempts to cheer up Lapis by taking her on a fishing excursion on a rental boat, only to be chased down and confronted by a desperate Jasper, looking to again fuse with Lapis in order to form Malachite. Lapis refuses, describing the relationship as horrible, and uses her powers to uppercut Jasper back into the ocean.

Gem Hunt (S3, E17)

Steven and Pearl take Connie on her first mission to recover corrupted Gems. As they separate to track down multiple corruptions, it is revealed that Jasper is also capturing corrupted Gems for her own mysterious purposes. She taunts the others and quietly retreats into the blizzard.

Crack the Whip (S3, E18)

Pearl and Garnet leave Amethyst in charge of supervising Steven and Connie's training for the day, only for Jasper to reappear in Beach City with the corruptions from the prior episode. Amethyst, despite being a "sister" Quartz soldier to Jasper, is ruthlessly insulted, and quickly defeated by Jasper. Steven and Connie fuse into Stevonnie. Together wielding Steven's shield, Rose's sword, and Lion as a mount and successfully force Jasper to retreat back into the ocean. This prompts Stevonnie to muse " I guess she lives in the ocean now?"

Beta (S3, E22)

In an effort to reinstate Amethyst's sense of self worth, Peridot takes her and Steven to Earth's Beta Kindergarten, to show her where Jasper was created. Believed to be a rushed project, many Gem emergence holes were of poor quality. However, they find an enormous emergence hole in the shape of a double bicep pose. Peridot is surprised by the quality of the hole, claiming its unlike anything she's ever seen and inferring that Jasper is a "perfect" Quartz, despite the setting. They soon discover corruptions caged in the Kindergarten, and that Jasper has been there all along.

Earthlings (S3, E23)Edit

Determined for a rematch, Amethyst fights Jasper, only to sounded defeated yet again. Steven comforts Amethyst in a moment of emotional clarity, and as they embrace they fuse into Smokey Quartz. Their newfound strength and mad yo-yo skills catch Jasper off guard. Citing fusion as her disadvantage, Jasper forcefully fuses with one of the corrupted Gems, forming a monstrous beast. Smokey Quartz maintains their upper hand and breaks Jasper's fusion.

It is then revealed that Jasper is becoming corrupted herself and it is quickly spreading. Chastising Rose's method for recruiting Gems at their most vulnerable point, Jasper refuses Steven's help, determined to not be saved by "Rose Quartz". After an impassioned speech from Peridot about the freedom the Earth provides, an enraged Jasper explains her motivations for returning to Earth, that her hatred of Rose Quartz because of "what she did" to her colony, to her planet, and to Pink Diamond, both Rose and Jasper's ruling Diamond. This revelation is the last thing said by Jasper, as the corruption fully transforms her into a Gem beast.

Peridot manages to destroy this new form with a metal spear, reducing Jasper to nothing but her Gem. Walking up to her defeated form, Amethyst sighs with relief, says "Come here, Sis" and quietly bubbles her and sends her off to the Gem Temple.