Template:Character(s) Info Janet Steele is the Main Character of the webcomic Satin Steele written and illustrated by David C. Matthews.


Janet's story is in two versions. The first version was of her as an aspiring Women's Bodybuilding Champion who found herself in many dangerous adventures. Her hero attire consisted of her white posing suit, boots and a purple cape. Her Boyfriend is named Matt.

The newer and current version of the Satin Steele comics, Contest Jitters consists of a much more realistic plot. Janet is an aspiring Women's bodybuilder hoping to win the much coveted Ms. Ultima title, All the while dealing with how the majority of the world views female Bodybuilders (Her current boyfriend before Matt is secretly cheating on her). Right now, Janet is in a contest. But an unscrupulous woman named Hollie is setting her up to miss her chance.


Janet herself is a stunning gorgeous woman with a supermodel face, Long golden blonde hair and a muscular physique that comes along once in a generation. She's shown to be a strong, proud, brave woman and takes great joy and pride in her sport and her physique. She is hardworking, extremely focused on her training. Janet's dream is to win Ms. Ultima, the title of World's Greatest Female Bodybuilder. Her usual attire is tank top shirts and shorts along with a pink sweat suit.


Black and white

Colored version