Men like Johnny...are afraid of strong women!

Jane Smoo is a feminist bodybuilder in Johnny Bravo. She is a one-off character and guest on Vendela's show. She was there to promote her book called Big Muscles, Small Mind. Immediately, she showed a hostile attitude towards Johnny, calling men like him "narcissistic." When she told Vendela that men are afraid of strong women, Johnny said that he isn't afraid of big buff women. Enraged, Jane then stripped off her jacket and skirt, revealing her giant muscular body in a two-piece swimsuit. She flexed her muscles while giving a primal roar, with Johnny and Vendela watching in shock. Then she leaped towards the bleachers and, using her strong power, was able to pull off a section of it with some of the studio audience. Johnny intervened, telling her if she was or wasn't a lady, he wouldn't let her destroy Vendela's TV show set. Jane just scowled and tried to crush Johnny with her giant foot, but Vendela saved him by lassoing him with her microphone wire. Vendela angrily told Jane to put down the audience members. Jane snarkily said "Sure," and then threw the bleacher on top of Johnny, hurting him.