Himawari Natsuwa is a main character from Wandaba Style. She is part of a pop idol band called Mix Juice, and an enka balladeer. She also works part-time as a construction worker where she is the focus of a lot of them.

Appearances Edit

Warp from a Slump?! Edit

After gaining a lot of weight from doing nothing but eating and sleeping, the four members of Mix Juice, as well as Kiku No. 8 and Ichirin, use a warp engine to exercise the fat off. To their surprise, the warp engine didn't move them anywhere, but instead catapulted them to the future. In this future, working all those hours at the construction site has made Himawari gain some tone, as well as a tan.

Wandaba Style Episode 623:57

Wandaba Style Episode 6

Female Muscle Growth (anime)00:25

Female Muscle Growth (anime)

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