Haruna Takaoka (高岡 春奈 Takaoka Haruna) / Spring Tiger (スプリングタイガー Supuringutaigā) is the female protagonist of the series Tiger Mask W.

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Haruna Takaoka was born on June 28, 1998[1], then 19 years old during the series, she is the niece of Kentaro Takaoka, the only man who knew that Naoto Date was Tiger Mask in the original Tiger Mask series, then the daughter of his younger sister, Yoko Takaoka. Her mother was 37 years old when she was born.[2] She is the only person aside from Kentaro who knows that Naoto Azuma is the new Tiger Mask, and also serves as his agent. She has romantic feelings towards him, but hides it. She is revealed to have a well trained physique and is a competent fighter on her own league, taking the identity "Spring Tiger". Her speciality is to attack her opponent's legs with strikes and holds.

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Tiger Mask W Edit

Episode 18: Spring Tiger is Born Edit

Haruna shows until she flexing her abs to Mint.

Episode 38 Edit

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  2. In episode 96 of the first anime series Tiger Mask, her mother was in fifth grade class with Yoshio Sasaki, who was born in March 1961 according to episode 100.