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Guapota grew up in a village in Mexico, and for years, she watched her mother being beaten and abused at her father's hand. All around her, the men were hurting the woman, and she came to detest all men because of this. Later, when she was in high school, a boy tried to kiss her and she punched him in the face. This act made her realize that she could fight back against the men, and so she became a wrestler herself, marrying the boy who had hit her and then beating him silly whenever possible. Eventually her husband went to see Mr. America, and Mr. America gave him the special pills that made Mr. America big and strong. When Guapota's husband came home that night, he swallowed all of the pills in one gulp, and grew into a giant. Then, when she herself arrived, he beat her silly. [Note: the Mexican comics of this period were free of the limitations of the Comics Code because they were out of its jurisdiction] When Guapota's husband came back to Mr. America for more pills, he found his friend pale and anemic - the KGB had taken Mr. America's trainer, Dr. Sabky, back to Russia "where he had fled from after the war"  - and as a result, he had no more pills to give him. When the strength serum wore off, Guapota's husband returned to his normal size and she beat him silly again.

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The only source I have for this webpage is Guapota's origin story, a translated version of which appears in LHArt's Strong Women of the Classic Comics. I will complete the bibliography and add the textbox when I find a corroborating source other than a webpage I have already composed,

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Figuras #1 - ?

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Strong Women of the Classic Comics by LHArt