Yeah, that's good. I can feel it. It's time to--


Goat is a female main character in Pig Goat Banana Cricket.

She's a sweet and cheerful goat woman who has been Pig's room-mate for the past 29 years.

Personality Edit

She is the "artist" of the group being able to play the guitar and having a penchant for acting. Goat can be very easily irritated by others' antics and often displays anger, causing her to babble, speak gibberish, and occasionally puff up her chest when angry (e.g. "Flib flabbin' flibble flubbin!"). Her catchphrase is "Totally goatally", which see says when she agrees with something.

Appearance Edit

Goat is a tan goat with brown spots on her body. She has normal human-shaped ears (not goat-shaped) normally obscured underneath the locks of hair on the sides of her head. The horns on top of her head have holes in them.

She also sports a tank top, black "Mary Jane" shoes and dark grey skirt.

Gallery Edit

Gold Rush (Season 1, Episode 25) Edit

Pig, Banana, Cricket and Goat wake up because of a terrible sound. As all of them think that there's a monster in The Treehouse, Goat tells Banana to give her favorite cereal, the Frosted Keister Wheats. Goat explains why those flakes are so important in cases like that and after she eats some of them, she becomes strong and muscular, and tells Cricket to give her the tickle-stick. She gets inside the living room, where the sound came from, and hurts with it the Breakfast Burrito.

Steak Bus (Season 2, Episode 6) Edit

Goat is recruited to be a famous wrestler. Goat get muscular when she hears whistling, cause patently whistling upsets her, the crowd in a stadium whistle so much that Goat transforms into a giant muscular red monster.


Behind the Scenes Edit


Personal artwork by storyboard artist John Trabbic III.