Gertie is a friend of K.O.'s mother, Carol from OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes.

Gertie is a four armed woman who is one of Carol's students at the dojo. She is a half human, half insect and is a typical soccer mom who is constantly having kids. Rad apparently likes to babysit them on the side. She, like Ginger and Gladys, would get distracted by how adorable K.O. is. She has a hero level of 3.

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Edit

Pilot Edit

Minisode #4 - CarolEdit

Minisode #9 - CommerialEdit

Let's Be Heroes (Season 1, Episode 1) Edit

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We Messed Up (Season 1, Episode 4) Edit

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Do You Have Any More in the Back? (S1 E9)Edit

You Are Rad (S1 E12) Edit

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Know Your Mom (S1 E17) Edit

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