Gertie is a friend of K.O.'s mother, Carol from OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes.

Gertie is a four armed woman who is one of Carol's students at the dojo. She is a half human, half insect and is a typical soccer mom who is constantly having kids. Rad apparently likes to babysit them on the side. She, like Ginger and Gladys, would get distracted by how adorable K.O. is. She has a hero level of 3.

She is the queen of a massive suburban hive of literally nuclear families. She is a proud soccer mom of 3,000 adorable kids every year. She is also one of Carol's students in the Fitness Dojo.

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Gertie is a female with light brown skin with a muscular build on the stomach, arms, and legs. She has four arms, instead of two. She appears to have a little pink tank top, exposing her lower abs, and a pink headband, overlapping some of her hair. She also has small pink shoes she wears on her feet, with long light black pants above it. Her hair is brown and split into two tails. Her nose is thin and her neck is long.

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