General Bighorn is a character from Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero. She appeared as an antagonist during Penn's second visit to the Dragon Dimension, and is the leader of the Unicorn forces.

Appearances Edit

Alpha, Bravo, Unicorn (S2E2a) Edit

In-between Penn, Sashi, and Boone's first and second visit to the dragon dimension, General Bighorn led attacks onto the dragons' bases, the first attack leaving an impact on one of the more notable figures in that world, Blaze, making him lose his confidence. By the time Penn's team revisit the world, there's one last base left standing and the Unicorns are preparing their giant ship to destroy it. However, the ship has a weakness located in the belly button, and Bighorn tries to prevent Penn and his friends from blasting it. But Blaze makes a last-minute save and comes in to incapacitate Bighorn into a truck full of killer bees, giving Penn a chance to shoot the weak spot and destroy the ship.