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Forte Stollen is a character from the Galaxy Angel series. In the anime, she dislikes taking responsibility, would rather go off drinking or show off her incredible marksman skills and is crazy about guns. She has a very masculine personality and is often at odds with Ranpha, but she is the most likely to team up with her when faced with a common enemy.

In the games, however, Forte is the most-reserved member of the Angel Brigade (next to Vanilla), and always has a cool head when the other Angels start bickering. Her gun obsession is also toned down a lot.

Appearances Edit

Galaxy Angel AA Edit

Episode 40 Edit

Forte and Malibu are tasked to transport a criminal trapped in a gigantic rock, but Forte is allured by the laundry list of destruction the man has caused before getting trapped, and tries to break open his imprisonment at every opportunity she has. She tried to break the rock with her fist, flexing a large bicep, but is immediately stopped by Malibu.