Template:Character(s) InfoErica is a character from the anime series City Hunter. She appears in the movie "Goodbye, My Sweetheart".

Description Edit

She is a woman of mature appearance, with a muscular, robust body. In the original dubbing his voice sounds manly. wearing a red dress accompanied by a coat of light-colored feathers and some jewelry.

Appearance Edit

In the movie "Goodbye, My Sweetheart". The main character, Ryo Saeba is cornered in a blind alley by a group of prostitutes. They trap him with a net and then Erica makes her appearance, sending to Ryo a kiss. She seems to be the boss of prostitutes, who captured Ryo to make him pay the debts they have with them.

They bind Ryo and tickling him to make him pay. Ryo promises to pay them with his body, the women gets happy, and Erica interrupts to tell Ryo if he'll pay debts with his body, then him must "do it" with her first, to the shock of Ryo.

In another scene, Erica tries to kiss Ryo, but he dodges, and she ended up accidentally kissing Umibozu, an equally muscular character. he gets angry and tries to hit Erica, but she says, "Violence is not a good thing". Then, she takes off her coat, revealing venous and throbbing muscles, and starting a showing a brief struggle scene with Umibozu.