Elle Ragu is the main character in Shadow Skill. She is the 59th Sevaar of Kuruda and one of the Four Divas. Though she is not the only female Sevaar in history – a title roughly equivalent to a "high warrior", as an ordinary warrior is known as a Vaar – she does hold the distinction of being the youngest female ever to be awarded the title of Sevaar, at age 14, 3 years prior to the start of the series. Her fighting nickname "Shadow Skill" is also the name of her martial arts style.

Elle has an older brother: Diaz Ragu, a blacksmith and a Vaar of Kuruda. Their parents both died from a rampaging disease when Elle was still young, and she too contracted the same illness. Diaz immediately set out on many dangerous missions in order to raise the money needed for his sister's medicine. Elle was saved, but Diaz' body was severely weakened by his ordeal, to the point that he had to give up on being a warrior, instead devoting himself to crafting his Black Wing boomerangs. Elle continues to feel guilt for this fact to this day, believing it should have been him to win this title, and not her. She also has a reputation as both a heavy drinker and a brawler, often acting without considering the consequences. A running joke throughout the series is how deeply in debt she is, and how any windfalls of money she might come into, always immediately go into either paying off the damages to her surroundings, or else into debts accumulated for the same reason.

Elle has a slender though very muscular physique.

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Elle ragu flexing00:33

Elle ragu flexing

Elle ragu lift wagon00:33

Elle ragu lift wagon

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