Eden is a female genie in Disney's Aladdin television series. She is Genie's girlfriend.

Appearance Edit

She has green skin, pointy ears, wears red lipstick and has long black hair tied up in a ponytail. She wears golden brackets around her wrists similar to Genie's in the original film (which could signify those are the shackles that bind her to the lamp), weras a pink sleeveless cropped tube top revealing her midriff and her navel with a red sash around her waist. In Genie form she has a green tail similar to Genie's but when more human like she wears matching pink pants and yellow slippers.

Personality Edit

Eden is a kind woman. She changed Dhandi's simple wish of wanting a sandwich to never going hungry again. This shows that unlike Genie she doesn't abide by the rules but twists them to benefit her and those she cares for. This also shows she can be tricky. She is defensive and protective of those she cares for, particularly Genie and Dhandi (Genie being her boyfriend while Dhandi being a sister/daughter figure). However, she also has a temper and will stand up to those she feels threatened by (such as Genie in her first appearance when she believed he was competing with her to be Dhandi's genie) and attacking Mozenrath's lair to rescue Genie. She can also be impulsive, as she didn't heed Aladdin's warning in confronting Mozenrath head on. She is energetic and silly like Genie, often transforming into various objects, animals, people, outfits, etc. to express her mood and show off her magic. Her motherly and affectionate personality can be seen through her interactions with Dhandi whom she sees as a daughter and her romantic fun loving side can be seen through her interactions with Genie.


The Book of Khartoum (Season 3, Episode 3) Edit

Eden goes to Aladdin to ask what is wrong since he didn't call and Iago and Abu, who were spying on his date, tell them that they saw him get kidnapped by Mozenrath. Enraged someone would hurt her man, she transforms into various forms threatening to pummel Mozenrath and heads for his lair after getting directions from Aladdin but not heeding his warning. Eden turns into a strong muscular genie in The Book of Khartoum, when she's bending a barbell.

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