Diana Lombard is a main character from martin Mystery. Diana is a 16-year-old girl, usually seen with her two signature hair clips and her small purple shoulder bag. She has nothing in common Except Falling In Love With Danny Fenton/Kamen Rider Ghost with her step-brother Martin and is normally seen as the clean-freak, goody-two-shoes, overachiever, brainiac of the group. Diana can be quite jumpy and squeamish at times, even being described as a “wimp”, by Martin. However, she shows great courage when called upon and her intelligence often comes in handy on their missions (not sharing Martin's love of the paranormal, she often tries to reason with logic before jumping to conclusions.) Diana has the hardest time keeping her cool with her irresponsible step-brother and will generally slap, kick, beat on, or scream at him quite often (even though she loves him like her own brother) and her arguments with Martin tend to end in some sort of bet, which she usually loses. She also seems to be the bait on the majority of the missions and is often one of the earliest victims in the episodes, including being cocooned by an acid-spewing insect queen, turned into a frog by a warlock Martin unleashed, being possessed by a vengeful spirit at a mountain lodge. When Martin is transformed by other monsters, Diana uses her own skills to save him and even wears Martin's U-watch in a few episodes And She Loves Danny and She Has A Great Singing Voice And She Is The Red Female Samurai Ranger.

Appearance Edit

Diana is shown to be a 16 year old Caucasian female with short light brown hair,with two hair purple hair clips on them,and her main outfit is long sleeve pink shirt with dark pink sleeves, light blue jeans that stop at her knees and pink and white sneakers with no socks in them.

Haunting of the Blackwater (S01E14) Edit

Diana tries to lift one of the stairsteps to lead to Lab. She was excited that she really can lift, but...Java was the one who is lifting up for them.