Template:Character(s) InfoDiamond is one of the cast members for the animated sketch show, Right Now Kapow in Disney XD.

Appearance Edit

Her head shape as a blue diamond and plays different types of the character roles from this roles. (especially, those Muscular women some sort.)

Opening Intro Edit

In the intro, The cast (girls included Diamond, Candy, and Plant), as muscular wrestlers.

Pied Piper (Season 1, Episode 5A) Edit

Diamond as a pole vaulter

Innocence of a Child (Season 1, Episode 11) Edit

In this episode, Diamond participates in a boxing match with Plant, and both are fairly muscular. Diamond's right punches are strong while her left and soft and cozy, something Plant seems to enjoy, even if Diamond takes advantage of it as she simultaneously punches her with her right hand.

Dragon Riders (Season 1, Episode 12) Edit