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Danganronpa is a video game franchise created and developed by Spike Chunsoft (formerly called Spike).

The main games have a general formula. The player is a new student who has been recently enrolled by the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy, which accepts only the best of the best in its classes. Students of this school could specialize in anything, even in more unusual areas like gaming and otaku, and are thus deemed "Ultimates." However, things go bad as the new student suddenly gains unconscious upon entering the school grounds and wake up in a different location, with all the exits and windows completely sealed shut to prevent escape. They soon meet several other students trapped in the same area, and the thing that trapped them all inside, a sadistic teddy bear named Monokuma.

Monokuma explains that they're all forced in a "school life of mutual killing". If a murder occurs, the remaining students will be put in a class trial to figure out who did it. If they get it right, the culprit will get a death punishment tailor-made to their personality and talent. But if they get it wrong, the culprit gets to "graduate" and get out and the rest of the students will die in their place.

Despite the students being so against the idea of killing each other, regardless the body count starts to rise. As Monokuma gives out new motives for the students to murder each other, it's up to the player to gather evidence and figure out the killers for each trial so the surviving students can get a chance at escaping together.

Characters Edit

Sakura Oogami

Akane Owari

Seiko Kimura

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