Template:Character(s) InfoDana is a main character in the Canadian-American animated series Wayside. She's a girl in Mrs. Jewls' class who is often noted to wear thick glasses. She has a tendency to get over-emotional over things, often laughing or crying far more than she should, as she attempts to break out of the habit. She is one of the smartest students in Mrs. Jewls' class as well, and helps Todd find his way around the school. She also serves as Myron's campaign manager.

Appearance Edit

A consistency in Dana's appearance has been her glasses. The books mention the glasses make her more beautiful than she appears without them, and that she'd be even more beautiful if she had to wear more pairs of glasses. Once she supposedly had a bad haircut, which she feared would make her look like a boy. In the cartoon, she has purple hair. The books mention her shirt being purple and orange, though in the cartoon it is lime green, with darker green stripes. In the cartoon, she is depicted having a round head, with a fairly large nose, and a mouth with uneven buck teeth. She wears khaki shorts.