3028707-daisy-omega flight-2-edited
Vital statistics
Aliases N/A
Age Adult
Species Human
Hair Color Blonde
Occupation Criminal
Series Omega Flight
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Daisy is one of several super-powered criminals who fled to Canada to escape America's SHRA. She robbed a bank in Nova Scotia before continuing on to Toronto where she was stopped by Omega Flighters US Agent and Arachne.

Daisy was first seen on the security footage of a bank that she'd robbed in Nova Scotia after she'd crossed into Canada in order to escape America's Superhuman Registration Act. Crimes like this caught the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. and led to the Initiative moving to have a new Omega Flight team established.

She made her way to Toronto where she began wiping credit databases in order to wipe her own credit. U.S. Agent was sent to stop her and the two became embroiled in a fierce battle. Daisy hurled U.S. Agent into a building and leapt after him, but U.S. Agent retaliated and sent them both falling to the ground. Smashing into a truck below, they continued their fight until some bystanders remarked that Captain America was hitting a girl, briefly distracting U.S. Agent. Daisy took advantage of this, decking U.S. Agent and prepared to crush him with the truck they'd wrecked. Arachne stepped in then however and webbed up Daisy's hands, causing the truck to fall and knock herself out.

Daisy was presumably taken into custody afterwards


Omega Flight #1 - Alpha To Omega, Part 1 Edit

Omega Flight #2 - Alpha To Omega, Part 2 Edit

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